Contacting the Campaign for the Earth

Campaign for the Earth Foundation

Canada and US


114 Glenview Avenue, Toronto, Ontario M4R 1P8
Phone: +1-416-484 6723, Fax: +1-416-484 0923

Box 275, S-793 26 Leksand, Sweden
Phone: +46-247-229 00

Contact Persons





Nicky Nzioki +254-2-724 525 +254-2-718-549
Canada and USA
Marilyn Ashby +1-416-484 6723 +1-416-484 0923
John Maskell +1-519-725 4661 +1-519-725 5883
Ragnar Ahlström Söderling +46-247-229 00 +46-247-229 64
USA and Philippines/Micronesia
Clair R. Melendez +1-914-969 4086 +1-914-969-4086
Rashmi Mayur +91-22-204 5758
or +1-212-862 6128
+91-22 285 1250

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Revised: 2005-02-06. For comments send e-mail to

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